The Art School building is located within the Old Gladesville Hospital grounds, a beautiful heritage site situated on the Parramatta River and boasting some of the oldest sandstone structures in NSW. Originally built as a store house in 1885, the building was converted to a kitchen in the early 20th century, complete with an industrial sized oven and water tower. Since 1968, it has been used as a ceramics and art studio and is still today run by a not-for-profit voluntary organisation for the benefit of hospital out-patients and the local community.

Gladesville Art School continues this proud tradition and aims to make art accessible and enjoyable for all. We give our students the opportunity to learn practical art making skills in a friendly and supportive environment guided by experienced art teachers. In doing so, we hope students can develop confidence and feel part of a wider community that values creative expression.

We run classes for adults in drawing and ceramics. Lessons are conducted in a large, airy studio space equipped with coffee and tea making facilities. See Classes for more information about what is on offer.